Application of Filtration, Washing and Drying Multifunctional Equipment in Strong Corrosion Chemical Production


In the past ten years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, Hastelloy materials have become more and more popular in harsh corrosive environments, such as petrochemical, flue gas desulfurization, fluorine chemical industry, pulp and paper, aerospace applications, and acidic environments. The wider the application.

At the same time, it also has good processing and welding performance, which is convenient for on-site maintenance. When Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery manufactures three-in-one filter, washing and drying multi-function equipment, it abandons traditional anti-corrosion materials and uses more advanced Hastelloy anti-corrosion materials to manufacture the main key components of three-in-one multi-function equipment.

In a closed container, the solid-liquid mixture after crystallization is separated from the solid-liquid by the pressure difference between the front and back of the filter cake, and then the process of filtration→sizing→refiltration→resizing→filtration or press filtration→drying is completed. The initial filtration and re-filtration process after cleaning is to make the solid-liquid mixed suspension of crystallized crystals and liquid pass through the porous sintered mesh plate through press filtration or suction filtration, so that the crystals (solid particles) are intercepted in the filter medium above, while the mother liquor (liquid) is separated through the medium.

At the same time, the drying stage of the three-in-one equipment is also to heat the filter cake to quickly evaporate the moisture to achieve the drying effect. The evaporation speed is accelerated through the vacuum method in the equipment, and the evaporated moisture is taken away by adding treated nitrogen and other media, so that The material is dried faster and the drying effect is improved.

In view of the fact that the equipment will be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and other industries, different companies will process various materials in the equipment.


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