Application of Vacuum Single Cone Dryer in Vitamin Production


Application of Vacuum Single Cone Dryer in Vitamin Production

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a substance that cannot be synthesized by the human body itself, and is closely related to human health. my country is a big producer of vitamin C. Among the 80,000 t/a vitamin C needed in the world, my country's supply reaches more than 50%. Vitamin C is a high-energy-consuming product. As the price of vitamin C in the international market plummets, reduce the energy consumption in the production of vitamin C (especially the energy consumption in the drying process of vitamin C—accounting for 30% of the energy consumption in the entire production of vitamin C. %) has become the key to the survival of production enterprises.

Drying is a very important step in the production of vitamin C. In the past, a double-cone rotary vacuum dryer was often used for drying. However, this dryer has disadvantages such as non-continuous production, uneven heating of materials, high energy consumption, and complicated operation. For this reason, Wuxi ZhangHua researched and developed a new type of vacuum single-cone drying device to replace the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer to dry vitamin C according to the special requirements of materials, and achieved satisfactory results through the actual application of the manufacturer.

Vitamin C dryer original process

The original drying process uses a double-cone rotary vacuum dryer. The dried vitamin C enters the dryer from the feed port at the top of the cone, and is rotated and dried under vacuum conditions. The surface absorbs heat, and after drying for a certain period of time, it is discharged from the discharge port at the top of the cone.

This process is a batch drying process, and the heat carrier used in the drying process is hot water at 70°C. The disadvantages of this process are intermittent operation, high energy consumption, less dried materials per unit time, more operators, uneven heating of materials, etc.

Vitamin C dryer new process

The working process of the vacuum single cone dryer is a batch operation. After the wet material enters the silo, it is dried by jacket, stirring and heating.

The high-vacuum design of this dryer has obvious advantages for products that are sensitive to drying temperature, and it has good heat conduction ability, fast drying, and low energy consumption at the same time. The filter directly connected to the dryer can keep dust particles in the processing area. This machine adopts an inflatable sealed hemispherical valve, which is clean and convenient for unloading. It has vacuum and pressure-resistant sealing performance. The long service life ensures that the product can continue to be processed without loss.

The vacuum single-cone dryer has changed the shortcomings of large volume, high energy consumption, long working hours, low efficiency, loud noise, difficult packaging, difficult cleaning, and inconvenient maintenance.

At present, it is a multi-purpose dryer with low power loss, high efficiency and good effect among similar equipment at home and abroad.

Structure and working principle of vitamin vacuum single cone dryer

Vacuum single-cone dryer is a kind of vacuum single-cone dryer that uses the spiral belt to rotate and lift the material, and simultaneously feeds the heat transfer medium (such as hot water, heat transfer oil, steam, etc.) into the conical jacket and the hollow spiral belt, so that the heated material is lifted from the surrounding and It falls from the middle, turns over quickly and continuously, and vacuumizes the cylinder to take away the water vapor in time, so that the materials can be dried and mixed in a short time. Compared with the traditional vertical mixer, there is no transmission mechanism in the barrel, which fundamentally eliminates material pollution caused by lubricating oil leakage, and is reliable and stable in operation. It is especially suitable for powder and particle mixing with high hygienic requirements; Stirring and mixing of viscous fluid or thick and wet materials as the main material; compared with other horizontal dryers, it is convenient to discharge, 100% of the material can be completely discharged, and it is easy to operate and maintain.

Its drying efficiency is 3-5 times that of the "double cone rotary vacuum dryer" of the same specification.

Performance characteristics of vitamin vacuum single cone dryer

(1) The machine is directly driven by the reducer to rotate the agitator;

(2) It has a wide range of applications, and can be used for mixing powder and powder, powder and liquid, and can also be used as reaction equipment and drying equipment;

(3) A spray device can be added according to the user's requirements, so that an appropriate amount of liquid can be sprayed into the material;

(4) The speed can be adjusted according to the process needs

When the speed is low, its drying effect is dominant; when the speed is high. Its mixing function plays a major role, so by choosing this equipment, two kinds of equipment were originally required to achieve the goal, and now they can be combined into one, saving costs;

(5) The effective thermal area is 140% of the inner area of ​​the container

When the material is heated in the container, it clings to the inner wall of the container and rotates from bottom to top by the heated propeller blade to the upper part of the container, and then vortexes downward along the main shaft.

The material is always dispersed and moved throughout the drying process, ensuring balanced heating;

(6) Equipped with air infiltration device

During the drying process, nitrogen, air or other substances can be infiltrated according to the different characteristics and needs of the material. The heated above-mentioned substances are sent into the materials from the periphery of the special bottom valve through the pipes hovering in the jacket of the container, which can protect the materials, change the trajectory of the materials, uniform the temperature of the materials, prevent fire and explosion, and eliminate dead ends at the bottom, etc. ;

(7) The vacuum collection device is installed on the upper part of the container, so it is not easy to be blocked by materials during the process

The recoil device in the trap can recoil the materials adsorbed on the surface at any time during the drying process, ensuring that the vacuum pumping pipeline is unimpeded;

(8) It can be manually fed or vacuum fed, and can be used in docking with related feeding devices

The unloading valve of the equipment adopts the large diameter hemispherical valve developed by the company. The unloading valve can be equipped with electrical opening or manual opening according to the needs of users, and cleaning and gas filling devices can be installed according to different needs;

(9) Relevant devices can be improved according to different characteristics of materials to ensure the drying quality and drying efficiency of materials

The drying of liquid or semi-liquid viscous materials can be completed at one time.

Avoid the cumbersome drying process from distillation to ordinary oven and then through double cone dryer (vacuum rotary dryer), then crushing, drying again, and crushing again;

(10) The overall structure is simple, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and realize online cleaning or sterilization

And according to customer needs to configure the computer automatic control system, each batch of materials to achieve accurate process control.

(11) Compared with traditional drying equipment (such as double-cone, flat-plate dryer, etc.), the energy-saving effect of vacuum single-cone dryer can increase the loading capacity by more than 1 times under the same conditions, and can increase the output by 4 to 5 under the same energy consumption conditions. times, the drying time is less than 1/3 of the traditional drying equipment.

Vacuum single cone dryer is one of the new generation of agitated vacuum dryers developed by Wuxi ZhangHua. It adopts advanced technology and can handle materials such as wet powder, filter cake, paste and slurry, especially suitable for heavy, viscous and sensitive materials. products that are highly toxic or contain toxic or explosive solvents.

Suitable for low vacuum operation, our vacuum dryers can be applied to other stages of the process including: reaction-crystallization, heating-cooling, sterilization, liquid-solid separation and degassing. We now offer a wider range of vacuum drying systems for even more media, from chemicals to metals and pharmaceuticals.


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