Advantages of washing and filtering two-in-one manufacturers compared with ordinary ordinary dryers


People in the industry may be familiar with the vacuum dryer. The vacuum dryer is a device that removes moisture from the components in the container after the air inside the packaging container reaches a predetermined vacuum degree. But what is the difference between a vacuum dryer and an ordinary dryer? I believe that many people are not very clear about the difference between a vacuum dryer and an ordinary dryer. First of all, they are commonly used drying equipment, mainly used to dry materials, and can also provide the temperature environment required for experiments.

The dryer is used in various industries such as chemical industry, electronics, foundry, automobile, food, machinery and so on. It is generally divided into galvanized steel plate and stainless steel liner, pointer and digital display, natural convection and blast circulation. the
Vacuum technology drying will be so widely used, and it must have its own advantages. Compared with ordinary dryers, vacuum dryers have the following advantages:
(1) It is safer to use, under vacuum or inert conditions, completely eliminates the possibility of thermal explosion of oxides;
(2) Compared with ordinary drying relying on air circulation, powdery samples will not be blown or moved by flowing air;
(3) The vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of the liquid that needs to be removed, so vacuum drying can be easily applied to heat-sensitive substances;
(4) For samples that are not easy to dry, such as powder or other granular samples, vacuum drying can effectively shorten the drying time;
(5) Various mechanical parts or other porous samples with complex structures are cleaned and then vacuum-dried without leaving any residual substances.


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