Flat-type filter washing two-in-one performance characteristics


The combination of filtration, washing and drying is to complete the process of stirring, reaction, filtration, cleaning and dehydration in one airtight container. It has the characteristics of simple structure, simplified process flow, high production efficiency, no cross-contamination, convenient material replacement, and high degree of automation. At the same time, the volume of the required clean workshop can be greatly reduced, and the basic investment cost is low.

Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dye and other industries, especially suitable for production occasions with high cleanliness requirements, small batches of multi-product varieties and large batches.

(1) Airtight system: The two-in-one filter and washing system is a fully airtight system. Production and operation in an airtight system can avoid air pollution from toxic substances, and at the same time reduce the occurrence of operator poisoning accidents.

(2) Recycling: materials and solvents are almost completely recovered, avoiding waste caused by material omission and solvent volatilization.

(3) Multifunctional integrated operation: filtering and washing are completed in the same equipment.

(4) Continuous operation: Filtration and washing are carried out in a continuous system without dealing with wet filter cake.

(5) Saving manpower: non-technical personnel who have undergone simple training can complete the operation.

Opening, closing, automatic feeding and automatic discharging do not require technical personnel to monitor.

(6) Cleaning: The filter, washing and drying three-in-one has the functions of automatic spraying and stirring, and the filter cake can be fully cleaned, thereby reducing the amount of sewage discharge and reducing the cost of wastewater treatment.

(7) Clean production: The system is equipped with a dust collector to collect the dust produced after drying, which can meet the clean production requirements.


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