Sterile grade multifunctional filter washing and drying machine


Sterile grade multifunctional filter washing and drying machine has been widely adopted by domestic pharmaceutical factories in recent years. Although the process is the same and the models are similar, but in terms of meeting the requirements of "GMP", there are many differences in the quality that should be possessed. The sterile grade multifunctional filter washing and drying machine developed and produced by Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery, Invention patent number: ZL201721560677.6. Achieved a major breakthrough in chemical equipment technology, broke foreign monopoly, greatly reduced the price of multi-functional filter washing and drying machines, and fully complied with "GMP" requirements

1. The stirring paddle of ZhangHua mechanical sterile grade multifunctional filter washing and drying machine conforms to the quality required by GMP. The stirring paddle is the core component of the multifunctional filter. Stirring blades should be used for grinding, crushing and discharging. When used for the production of sterile drugs, the stirring blades should have the following two qualities.

2.1 Requirements for the filter disc not to be deformed or torn
Although various manufacturers can use 316L multi-layer sintered mesh plates as filter discs, the specific structure of the chassis is different.

The "three-in-one" filter disc used for sterile products should be sintered together with the overall design of the filter screen, filter plate and chassis according to certain technical requirements. Guarantee no deformation, no tearing, and no leakage of any material during operation. Only mesh, plate, disc sintering
The filter discs together can effectively adapt to the changes of cold and hot working conditions in the tank, ensuring that they will not be deformed under any circumstances, and the filter screen will not protrude when it is vacuum-dried or heated-dried.

That is to say, the material has a certain viscosity and will not deform or tear the filter screen when the paddle rotates.

2.2 Requirements for the opening and locking methods of the chassis
Aseptic grade "three-in-one" equipment, because the whole operation is carried out in the 10,000-class clean area, the cleanliness is high and the sterile conditions are good. Therefore, it is required that the filter chassis can be lifted and lowered smoothly and connected with the main body stably. Therefore, a hydraulic system and a clamp quick-opening structure should be adopted, so that the filter disc and the main body can be opened and locked by the rotating clamp through the hydraulic system. fast and stable
Sure, it saves effort and time.

Reduce the vibration of equipment in the clean area to ensure the cleanliness of the production environment.

2.3 Requirements for inner surface treatment of cylinder
The surface treatment of the inner wall of the barrel is the same as that of the propeller. After #400 mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing Ra≤0.3μm is performed to remove the free iron attached to the inner surface and form a chromium-rich protective layer to increase the corrosion resistance and maintain The surface is smooth and stable without sticking materials.


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