Sterile filtration, washing and drying three-in-one are widely used in API fine-baking production line


The three-in-one API fine-drying bag sterile-grade filtration, washing and drying is to complete the process of stirring, reaction, filtration, cleaning, dehydration, drying (and secondary beating) in one airtight container. It has the characteristics of simple structure, simplified process flow, high production efficiency, no cross-contamination, convenient material replacement, and high degree of automation. At the same time, the volume of the required clean workshop can be greatly reduced, and the basic investment cost is low.

Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dye and other industries, especially suitable for production occasions with high cleanliness requirements, small batches of multi-product varieties and large batches.

The aseptic-grade three-in-one API fine-baking package produced by ZhangHua in Wuxi is designed and manufactured in China according to the product design principles of Italy delta company and South Korea JHP company. After integrating the characteristics of foreign companies, it further adapts to domestic supporting facilities, the structural design is more reasonable and reliable, and each system tends to be more standardized.

It is completely comparable to foreign imported equipment.

API fine-baking bag sterile grade filter washing and drying three-in-one working principle

Filtration stage: separation of the filter cake of the product and the mother liquor. The filter cake thickness can reach 500mm.

Washing stage: the filter cake is further purified, the residual mother liquor is washed and pre-dehydrated. The filter cake and washing liquid are mixed layer by layer by a lifting agitator, and finally form a slurry, and the suspension cake is fully washed.

a. Main material: AISI304 or 316L silicon carbide.

Apron material: Viton, Silicone rubber, Butadiene rubber.

Corrugated material: AISI304 or 316L (imported from Japan).

Sealing form: Each sealing point is equipped with double seals.

b. The stirring shaft can be divided into solid shaft and hollow shaft. The solid shaft is used for stirring without heating the material. When the stirring blade needs to heat and dry the material, the stirring shaft is a hollow shaft head with a rotary joint to provide access for the heated medium.

c. The agitator can be a two-leaf or three-blade agitator. According to the nature of the material, it can be equipped with a scraper or without a scraper, and the material can be heat-treated according to the situation. The stirring blades are formed in the form of a circular tube or a triangle, and the inner cavity can be passed into a heat transfer medium to heat the material, which plays a major role in the process of filtering, washing and drying.

Drying stage: dehydration and drying of the filter cake. While the filter cake is being scraped and loosened layer by layer by the agitator, the side wall of the equipment, the bottom of the filter plate, and the moving stirring blades heat the filter cake at the same time, and the moisture evaporates rapidly to reach a dry state. As a result, the evaporation speed is accelerated through the vacuum method in the equipment, and the evaporated moisture is taken away by adding treated hot nitrogen and other media, so that the material can be dried faster and the drying effect can be improved.

Bottom plate structure: main material: AISI304L or 316L

Filter material: metal sintered plate or filter cloth

It can be selected from 5um to 50um according to user needs.

Filter cloth dead corner edge distance: 25mm single side

Unilateral floor flatness: ±1mm/m

a. The fixed chassis is welded on the simplified body of the equipment, and has a heating system for heating and drying.

b. Detachable chassis: Clamp the upper and lower flanges with clips to achieve sealing. The chassis can be disassembled and landed on the ground with a hydraulic cylinder. The lower part of the chassis is equipped with wheels for moving and cleaning the filter plate. The chassis is driven by a heating system, one is a flow channel type, and the other is a pipe heating type. The filter plate is fixed from the bottom of the chassis with bolts, so that the filter plate is flat and there are no bolts in the contact part with the product.

Unloading stage: the dry material is automatically unloaded from the side outlet through the reverse of the S-shaped stirring paddle, and directly enters the packaging.

a. Stirring forward and reverse rotation:

1. Drive the shaft to rotate after being decelerated by the motor reducer. Its rotational speed can be adjusted quickly through frequency conversion.

2. The hydraulic motor is powered by the hydraulic pump to drive the shaft to rotate, the speed is regulated by the regulating valve, and the stirring and lifting chassis is powered by the hydraulic pump on the hydraulic station. There are three options for pump station control: manual control, electric control and pneumatic control.

b. The reducer adopts the product of German SEW company.

c. Speed: 0-20 rpm can be adjusted arbitrarily through frequency converter control, including safety prevention device.

It is divided into manual control discharge valve and hydraulic (or pneumatic) control discharge valve. After the valve core is closed, the inner side coincides with the inner wall of the simplified equipment, and does not affect the stirring inner action. The discharge valve seal can adopt a variety of metal seals.

For products requiring sterility, the discharge valve can be additionally sterilized. The structure of the discharge valve can be fixed or quick-opening.

API fine drying bag sterile grade filter washing and drying three-in-one main features:

1. Closed system: The three-in-one filter, washing and drying system is a fully closed system. Production and operation in the closed system can avoid air pollution from toxic substances, and at the same time reduce the occurrence of poisoning accidents by operators.

2. Recycling: materials and solvents are almost completely recovered, avoiding waste caused by material omission and solvent volatilization, which has great economic benefits.

3. Multifunctional integrated operation: filtering, washing and drying are completed in the same equipment. The vessel walls are equipped with heating jackets to allow drying.

4. Continuous operation: Filtration and drying are carried out in a continuous system, no need to deal with wet filter cake. The dried products can be mechanically transferred to the weighing and packaging sections.

5. Saving manpower: a non-technical person who has undergone simple training can complete the operation.

Opening, closing, automatic feeding and automatic discharging do not require technical personnel to monitor.

6. Thorough cleaning: The filter, washing and drying three-in-one has the functions of automatic spraying and stirring, and the filter cake can be fully cleaned, thereby reducing the amount of sewage and reducing the cost of wastewater treatment.

7. Clean production: The multifunctional filter drying system is equipped with a dust collector to collect the dust produced after drying, which can meet the requirements of clean production.

API fine drying bag sterile grade filter washing and drying three-in-one technical parameters


Filtration area (m3)

Equipment volume (m3)

Net weight (T)

Cylinder diameter (nm)

Cylinder height (nm)

Total equipment height (nm)

Overall device width (nm)

Lifting distance (nm)


&937; SR-0.12&177;


ô 0.12é


&8220; 0.06&8221;


&65509; 0.55&34;


&934; 400×




′ 1850ρ


√ 1000θ


ü 250&176;


∞ SR-0.28"


&xA0; 0.28•


&x201D; 0.15&xFF1B;


&xFF08; 0.6&xFF09;


&x2022; 600↓


&xF001; 600&x2019;


&x2265; 2350Ø


&x2463; 1300&x2465;


&x2460; 250&xD8;


φ SR-0.5&9679;


&65306; 0.5&9745;


‰ 0.4&162;


&x25CB; 1.5&xFF1A;


&x2014; 800&178;


&169; 800&181;


&167; 2350&170;


&189; 1300&188;


&185; 250&184;


… SR-0.75&xF06C;


&x222E; 0.75&x2013;


&8546; 0.66&8592;


&xFF01; 2.0&x2266;


&10; 1000♥


&x7528; 1100&x65B9;


&x2606; 3100&x3010;


&8730; 1500§


­ 300&xFF1C;


α SR-1.1&xFF1D;


&x200B; 1.1&61548;


&9312; 1.3&9313;


&9317; 3.0&9352;


&9356; 1200&9357;


&9361; 1250&8544;


&12288; 3600&8569;


&65289; 1800&21697;


&x4F01; 400&x4E1A;


&x7F6E; SR-1.5&x5F20;


ê 1.5„


& 1.9&65311;


&8216; 5.0&9654;


&65307; 1400&246;


&224; 1300&65042;


&7841; 4000&1092;


&1103; 2000&1094;


&22823; 400&33590;


&12290; SR-2.0&241;


´ 2.0&65125;


&x9D; 3.0&8223;


&65287; 6.3&65290;


◊ 1600&xB2;


&x2705; 1400&x3002;


&23448; 4500&32593;


&22918; 2300&195;


σ 500&65374;


η SR-2.5↑


á 2.5‍


&8807; 3.6Ì


&8764; 7.0&10004;


&x3BC; 1800&x3A9;


&x439; 1800&x43C;


&x25ED; 5100&xAE;


&24555; 2500&36895;


&24687; 500&22411;


&23376; SR-3.0&31867;


&19994; 3.0&29992;


&30828; 5.4&24230;


&28526; 8.0&34920;


&20985; 2000&29256;


&21046; 1870&25509;


&26368; 5300&22810;


&36153; 2700&20135;


&20013; 500&22269;


&32440; SR-4.0&31665;


&25910; 4.0&21040;


&21518; 6.5&22825;


&26426; 9.0&30005;


&20256; 2300&30495;


&x5DF2; 2000&x7533;


&x62A4; 5500&x76D7;


‚ 3000ƒ


&x25B6; 500&x2605;






























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