Conventional production post-treatment process of solvent-based high-performance organic pigments


Add metered water and hydrochloric acid into the beating kettle. The material put into drying under stirring was heated up to 60° C. for 2 hours, and the yield was 94.9%. After the holding time is up, put the material into the suction filter tank and wash it with hot water to neutrality (washing waste water is removed for sewage treatment), then drain it, send it to the oven for drying, crush, pack, and put it into storage.

The water vapor generated during the drying process is directly discharged into the atmosphere, and the dust generated after crushing is treated by a bag filter and discharged into the atmosphere. The recovered dust is mixed into the finished product, with a total yield of 66.8%.

Each unit operation in the conventional production post-processing process production equipment has corresponding unit equipment. Most of these equipment have single functions, high labor intensity, and more material loss during operation; what is more noteworthy is that these equipment are generally open. operation, it is easy to cause pollution to the environment and endanger the health of operators. There are also some problems in the use of drying equipment. The more prominent ones are that the solvent cannot be completely recovered and the dust collection device is lacking. Some manufacturers even use the open-air drying method for drying, which is not economical, environmentally friendly, and affects product quality. Needs improvement.

The research and development of the patented new equipment, cylinder, cone, filter, washing and drying three-in-one meets the environmental protection production requirements of solvent-based high-performance organic pigments, and is an inevitable trend to eliminate technological barriers and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of the high-performance colorant industry. ZhangHua mechanical filtering, washing and drying all-in-one machine will definitely promote the development of the domestic dye and pigment industry and meet the needs of industrial development for the improvement of the grade and performance of dye and pigment products, environmental protection and scale expansion.


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