Phosphoric acid method pharmaceutical activated carbon filter washing and drying machine


Pharmaceutical activated carbon is specially used for the decolorization of the solution in the pharmaceutical process and the adsorption of impurities and small molecule heavy metals in the solution. It is the most common means of removing pyrogens. Its biggest feature is fast decolorization speed, strong adsorption capacity, developed internal pore structure, and large pores. It can effectively absorb the pigment in the potion, and reduce the impurities of the potion without affecting the concentration and properties of other components of the potion. It has been successfully used in: the decolorization of vitamin C and other raw materials, with strong decolorization power and fast filtration speed; it is suitable for decolorization and refining of medicines, pesticides, and traditional Chinese and Western medicines; it also has the functions of absorbing intestinal bacteria and detoxifying.

Current status of the traditional phosphoric acid process for the production of pharmaceutical activated carbon
Activated carbon has developed micropores, high specific surface area, and strong adsorption capacity. It is an extremely widely used adsorption and purification material. It is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, environmental protection, food and pharmaceuticals, catalyst carriers, and electrode materials. At present, the preparation method of activated carbon is mostly chemical activation method. Phosphoric acid activation method is a common chemical activation method for preparing activated carbon. Its laboratory and industrial application has a history of about 30 years. In the traditional phosphoric acid production process, wood chips are dried That is, it is activated by mixing with phosphoric acid solution, without pre-pyrolysis treatment, and mostly uses direct activation or pretreatment in the impregnation stage before activation. One of the production processes uses alkali xylose residue as raw material and phosphoric acid as an activator. The alkali xylose residue and phosphoric acid with a mass fraction of 60% are evenly mixed according to the impregnation ratio of 1.3:1 to 3.0:1. After pretreatment by heating at ℃, then activate in the activation equipment, the activation temperature is 320-530 ℃, the activation time is 90-120min, after cooling to room temperature, cleaning, drying, crushing and sieving, the activated carbon is prepared.

Although the traditional phosphoric acid method can prepare activated carbon with better performance, it cannot avoid the secondary pollution caused by the use of chemical agents and traditional production. Therefore, new production and preparation methods are sought to improve the performance of activated carbon and reduce production Issues such as secondary pollution generated in the process are the current research hotspots of activated carbon manufacturers.

Research on high-efficiency rinsing and refining production process of activated carbon for phosphoric acid
Existing activated carbon washing equipment mostly adopts soaking mode, and the contact area of ​​activated carbon washing is small, resulting in insufficient washing, low phosphoric acid recovery rate, and at the same time, activated carbon washing is not clean enough and has high impurity content. The cylindrical cone filter washing and drying machine adopts spiral stirring blades, which can fully stir the activated carbon, increase the contact area between the activated carbon and the washing water, and can quickly and efficiently wash the activated carbon, improve the washing efficiency, improve the quality of the activated carbon, and save water resources at the same time .

(1) The high-efficiency rinsing and refining production process of pharmaceutical activated carbon with phosphoric acid method has the advantages of low phosphoric acid and energy consumption, easy operation, economical and environmental protection.
(2) Due to the partial decomposition and release of wood tar during the pre-pyrolysis process, it is avoided to mix wood tar in the recovered phosphoric acid solution, which is beneficial to the recycling of phosphoric acid and reduces the recovery cost of phosphoric acid.
(3) Under the same process conditions, the adsorption efficiency of activated carbon is improved, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of activated carbon and the pollution generated in the production process.

(4) The phosphoric acid method activated powder carbon produced by the cylinder-cone filter washing and drying machine has the characteristics of strong adsorption capacity, good decolorization effect, fast filtration speed and low ash content, and can be used for liquid refining, decolorization, purification, sewage treatment, etc. field.

Pharmaceutical activated carbon rinsing and refining production process steps
(1) Feeding step after activation of medicinal activated carbon
The upper part of the tank body is provided with an activated carbon inlet, and the raw activated carbon is communicated with the activated carbon inlet through a conveying device, and the activated carbon is transported into the tank body.
(2) Cylindrical cone filter washing and drying machine into the rinse solution step
The other side of the upper part of the tank is provided with a washing water inlet and an acid liquid inlet, through which the acid water for washing is put in, and the acid water consumption is controlled by a water level gauge.

(3) Cylindrical cone filter washing and drying machine High-efficiency washing steps
The rotating shaft is vertically installed in the tank, and the upper end of the rotating shaft protrudes from the tank to connect with the motor. The motor drives the rotating shaft to rotate, so that the stirring blade rotates with the rotating shaft, and the spiral stirring blade stirs the cleaning liquid from bottom to top, so that the activated carbon is fully dispersed in the In water, after stirring for 3 to 5 minutes, turn it over, stir for another 3 to 5 minutes, turn it forward again, repeat in sequence, and fully contact with activated carbon;
(4) Cylindrical cone filter washing and drying machine High-efficiency filtration steps
There is an acid discharge port on the bottom of the tank, and an air pressure valve on the upper part of the tank. When the Baume degree of the washing acid water meets the requirements, turn off the stirring, open the acid discharge port, and open the air pressure valve. 8. Pressurize, pass through the filter baffle, and the filtrate enters the recovery barrel through the acid discharge port.
(5) Cylindrical cone filter washing and drying machine Refining and drying steps

Finally, clean washing water is introduced, stirring blades are turned on, and after the water and activated carbon are mixed evenly, the outlet of activated carbon at the bottom of the tank is opened, and the washing water and activated carbon are released together to filter and dry to obtain activated carbon.


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