Herbicide glufosinate-ammonium purification special new cylinder cone filter washing two-in-one


(1) The new cylinder-cone filter-washing combo can complete the reaction, extraction, filtration, repeated filtration, washing, drying and other operations on a single machine, and the finished product can be obtained directly.

(2) The operation is flexible, and the operation cycle can be adjusted by adjusting the filter pressure difference, rotation speed, screw extrusion guide rail, etc., to adapt to changes in process conditions.

(3) The machine can form a thin filter cake on the surface of the filter medium, without filter cake filtration, high filtration speed per unit filtration area, and compact equipment structure.

(4) A fully enclosed system with a good operating environment, especially suitable for handling toxic, flammable, explosive dangerous products and fresh food biological products that do not allow pollution.

(5) It can be washed and filtered. Especially when the material needs to be rinsed, it can be cleaned and filtered in a suspended state, reducing the material transfer process, reducing pollution and waste, so the processed products are of high quality.

(6) It can be used for three operations of reaction, filtration, and drying, and completes the functions of three unit equipment, greatly reducing equipment cost, floor space, labor intensity, energy consumption, etc.

(7) The power consumption of this machine is low, and the extruded cake has lower water content than the ordinary flat three-group, and it is easy to operate.


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