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Due to the characteristics of various varieties, bright colors and good tinting strength, organic pigments are widely used in industrial fields such as ink printing, coatings, plastics and rubber, and become indispensable coloring materials for the production of various industrial products. However, with the continuous enhancement of environmental protection awareness, people's requirements for the safety and environmental protection of dyeing and pigment products are also constantly increasing. The United States, Europe, Japan and other countries have established institutions to study the ecological safety and toxicology of dyes and pigments, specializing in understanding and researching the impact of dyes and pigments on human health and the environment. The relevant labor safety and health management departments in my country are also very concerned about this issue. Pay attention to.

High-performance organic pigments show more excellent physical and chemical properties when used. It not only has the advantages of bright colors and high color strength of classic organic pigments, but also meets the requirements of light resistance, heat resistance, and solvent resistance in the fields of coatings, inks, and plastics. Higher performance requirements such as anti-corrosion properties have become the development trend of organic pigments. High-performance organic pigments have high research and development costs and technical content, complex processes, and long marketing cycles, but they have higher added value. Therefore, people began to turn to high-performance organic pigment substitutes with excellent performance. It is an inevitable trend in the development of the industry to develop new varieties of green and environmentally friendly dyes and pigments to replace harmful varieties.


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