Multi-purpose, multi-choice stainless steel reactor series


Product use: This equipment is suitable for the reaction concentration of liquid materials such as medicine, food, chemical industry, and light industry.

Product structure and characteristics: According to the nature of the material, the inner pot of the reaction kettle can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel. There are two kinds of heat conduction oil and steam for material heating.

The reaction kettle is composed of pot body, pot cover, agitator, transmission shaft, shaft sealing device, transmission device and other auxiliary bodies.

Product operation requirements: Heating should be slow, especially the first time the temperature is raised to prevent bumping of oil vapor and water vapor.
When there is no material in the pot and the pot is empty, do not turn on the heat power supply and heat the oil jacket for test run.

Circulating heat transfer oil heating cannot be replaced by steam heating.

Due to the different production processes and operating conditions of users, the jacket heating type is divided into electric heating rod heating, heat conduction oil circulation heating, the shaft seal device is divided into packing seal and mechanical seal, and the stirring types include anchor type, paddle type, and pot wheel type. , push or frame. The number of openings, specifications or other requirements can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.


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