Three-in-one filter washing and drying machine multifunctional device for methyl octabromoether


Technical characteristics of the three-in-one filter washing and drying machine multifunctional device for methyl octabromoether

Methyl octabromoether is a flame retardant developed in recent years for expanded polystyrene flame retardant. Due to its environmental protection characteristics, it is an excellent substitute for hexabromocyclododecane, which is included in the banned list of the Stockholm Convention. . The appearance of octabromoether industrial products is white or light yellow solid powder, with a melting point range of 85-105 ° C. It belongs to halogen flame retardants. Its bromine content is 68%. It is a general-purpose additive flame retardant and is mainly used in polypropylene ( Flame retardant modification of polyolefin polymer materials such as PP) and polyethylene (PE).

The production of methyl octabromoether is divided into two steps—etherification and bromination; etherification is the reaction of tetrabromobisphenol A, sodium hydroxide and methyl chloride propene in a solvent, and the intermediate is obtained by filtering, washing and drying. body ether compounds.

Bromination is obtained by addition reaction of ether compound dissolved in solvent and bromine. The existing technology is that after the etherification reaction is completed, it is centrifugally filtered by a centrifuge and then rinsed with a solvent, and then dried by an airflow dryer or a double-cone vacuum dryer, and the intermediate product is put into a reaction kettle and dissolved in a solvent. The process is divided into four steps: centrifugation, washing, drying, and dissolution. The process is complicated and labor-intensive. During the centrifugation process, the solvent will be discharged in an unorganized manner, which will affect environmental pollution. When washing materials, the washing effect of the materials in the centrifuge is poor. , and cannot be dried, the material will carry part of the solvent, and after the material is dissolved, this part of the solvent will enter the waste water and cannot be recovered, which increases the production cost.

In view of the above deficiencies, Wuxi ZhangHua developed and produced the three-in-one cylindrical-cone filter, washing and drying, which does not require frequent transfer of materials, reduces the amount of equipment used, reduces the labor intensity of employees, and improves work efficiency; it can realize the recovery of solvents in the process, which not only reduces the environment pollution, but also save the use of solvents and save costs.

The working principle of the three-in-one filter washing and drying machine multifunctional device for methyl octabromoether
The cylinder-cone reaction, filtration and drying three-in-one is in the same closed space, and the temperature is controlled by the jacket to carry out the pressurization or vacuum reaction of the material. After the reaction is over, after the material is heated and concentrated in vacuum, the temperature is lowered to crystallize and the reaction product is precipitated; the stirring spindle is started to make the lower cone filter plate pressurize or vacuum the crystallized solid-liquid mixture, and use the pressure difference at both ends of the filter cake and the stirring screw to Squeeze with squeeze for solid-liquid separation; pass through the washing liquid to further remove the reaction liquid in the filter cake and remove impurities, and dry solid phase can be obtained after the solid-liquid separation process; start the internal heating ribbon, The material is heated and vacuum dried to finally obtain a product with a certain dryness.

Three-in-one filter washing and drying machine multifunctional device equipment structure for methyl octabromoether
The new filtering and drying three-in-one is a barrel-cone structure. There are heating jackets on the cylinder and the lower cone, which can heat or cool the materials. There are hollow shafts and variable-angle variable-lead inside the multi-function machine. The hollow spiral stirring device stirs, stirs and lifts the material, and pushes out the material when discharging. A conical filtering device with a relatively complex structure is installed in the lower cone, and a specially designed non-dead angle quick-opening discharge device or a non-dead angle pneumatic discharge ball valve is installed at the bottom of the equipment.

Three-in-one filter washing and drying machine multi-functional device equipment features

1. Filtration, washing, drying, and dissolving can be completed in one equipment, without frequent transfer of materials, reducing equipment usage, reducing labor intensity of employees, and improving work efficiency.

2. The recovery of solvents in the process can be realized, which not only reduces environmental pollution, but also saves the use of solvents and saves costs: the amount of solvent used in the production of one ton of etherified products is 5Kg of methanol and 6Kg of dimethyl; the original production of one ton of etherified products Consumption of methanol 50Kg, methylene chloride consumption 60Kg, cost savings: 370 yuan / ton of product.

Technical parameters of three-in-one filter washing and drying machine multifunctional device for methyl octabromoether


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