Multifunctional filter, washing and drying machine Flat plate filter, washing and drying three-in-one to meet the needs of customers in different application fields, product characteristics and processes


Multi-function filter washing and drying all-in-one machine

Filtration, washing and drying "three-in-one" is a new generation of solid-liquid separation process equipment that has been gradually popularized and used in China since the 1990s. Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd. produces a multi-functional filtering, washing and drying machine. The three-in-one sterilization-grade filtering, washing and drying machine can make materials complete three processes of filtering, washing and drying in one airtight container equipment, which maximizes the utilization rate of the equipment. It avoids the pollution of the environment and the pollution of the environment to the material, reduces the loss of material transfer, saves the amount of solvent used, and is suitable for intermittent batch production.

Multifunctional filter washing and drying machine Flat plate filter washing and drying three-in-one solution

Users have very strict requirements on the process of filtration, washing, and drying. Whether it is the surrounding environment or temperature, the quality of the product is greatly affected, but the efficiency of each production stage and the quality of the product must be guaranteed. These conditions drive the product to choose "three-in-one" to meet the requirements. For this reason, Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery produces a three-in-one filter, washing and drying machine of sterile grade and a three-in-one machine of chemical grade filter, washing and drying. The flexible configuration of different equipment ensures that each product can meet customers' different application fields, product characteristics and requirements. Process needs.

Multi-function filter washing and drying all-in-one machine

The whole process of filtration, washing and drying can be operated continuously in the same container;

Operate under pressure or vacuum to achieve solid-liquid separation;

When filtering, the filter cake is evenly distributed, and the solid-liquid separation effect is good;

Hydraulically controls the lifting of the mixing system to maximize the space for solid materials during filtration;

The lifting and stirring of the stirring blade makes the filter cake and the cleaning liquid fully mixed during cleaning, and the filter cake is fully washed;

Greatly reduce the drying time and improve the efficiency;

Multiple controls for the liquid outlet valve, automatic discharge of the solid discharge system, reducing labor intensity;

It can be cleaned and sterilized online; the whole operation can be carried out under the protection of inert gas, which is safe and reliable;

The filter bottom plate is detachable, which helps the equipment to be cleaned thoroughly, and is suitable for the production of sterile raw materials;

Fully comply with the production requirements of GMP and FDA;

Multi-function filter washing and drying machine Flat plate filter washing and drying three-in-one product advantages

Choose the right material for different media

Suitable for closed production of materials

Wide range of operating temperature and pressure

Reduce investment costs

reduce labor force

high utilization

high efficiency

The product can be used in a wide range

Energy saving, environmental protection, three wastes can be completely recycled

standard model










Nominal filter area (㎡)









' 6.0&8805;


’ inner diameter(mm)™


&8217; 500&39;


&65281; 600&8211;


Ω 800Φ


± 1200&956;


≤ 1400‘


&other; 1600υ


· 2000–


&8230; 2300&160;


" 2800&8203;


→ Nominal volume (m3)&x201C;


&x3A6; 0.14♦


® 0.26³


¢ 0.53&x33A1;


&xD7; 1.36&x2264;


&x2461; 1.19&x2462;


&x2467; 2.99&x2468;


μ 5.06&x5168;


&9679; 6.76&xFF0C;


&9745; 10.8&10056;


&x3001; Cylinder height(mm)&x221A;


&8212; 600&xFF1E;


&163; 750&165;


&161; 900&166;


&180; 950&182;


&190; 1100&186;


&9733; 1200&217;


&xF06C; 1200&xFF0B;

&xFF05; &x222E;

&x2013; 1250&9829;


&8592; 1250&xFF1F;


&x25C6; Filter cake height(mm)&x2193;


&x54C1; 120&x4F7F;


&x4ECB; 120&x7ECD;


&220; 200&8545;


µ 250&x221E;


&xE0; 300&xE8;


&xFF1D; 350&x3C6;


&61548; 400&12289;


&9313; 450&9314;


&9352; 450&9353;


&9359; Propeller lift height(mm)&9360;


&8547; 150&12291;


&8242; 150&65288;


&35777; 300&26631;


&x6848; 300&x56FE;


&x5F20; 350†


„ 400à


&65311; 450&12304;


&9654; 500&9660;


&246; 500&10042;


&13217; Stirring motor power (KW)&7922;


&1082; 2.2&1072;


&1085; 3.0&1060;


&227; 5.5&381;


&241; 7.5&243;


&65125; 11¾


&8223; 15&65283;


&65290; 18.5&65291;


&xB2; 18.5&x2020;


&x3002; twenty two &x25B2;


&39029; Equipment net weight (Kg)&21270;


♠ 1350λ


ö 1560ß


↑ 2230γ


‍ 4300π


Ì 5890&x394;


&10004; 6630ó


&x3A9; 11350&xF6;


&x43C; 13850&x43E;


&xAE; 16300&x2122;


&32454; Total equipment height (mm)&20449;


&29260; 2560&26448;


&31867; 2890&21367;


&29992; 3130&36884;


&24230; 3900&36719;


&34920; 4360&38754;


&29256; 4680&21360;


&25509; 5150&21463;


&22810; 5280&20070;


&20135; 5520&22320;






&20132; Multi-functional filter washing and drying machine flat filter washing and drying three-in-one application industry&36135;




&30340; It is used in solid material recovery, solvent recovery, raw material drug filtration, washing, drying and other occasions in the biopharmaceutical process. The operation procedure is reduced, the production process is accelerated, the production cost is saved, and the purity and quality of the medicine are improved. Filtration, washing and drying of printing and dyeing raw materials and filtering, washing and drying of pesticide raw materials.

Vitamins, penicillin, toluene, methanol, ethanol, ether, etc. need to be washed and recycled. Chemicals, polymers and resin products for agricultural extraction. Plant extracts are stored and filtered to reduce operating procedures and speed up the production process.





&25163; In the fine chemical industry such as nickel production, copper foil production, circuit board production, recovery of various precious metal catalysts, and the occasions that require washing and recovery such as bisglyphosate and glyphosate. It can protect metal processing tools and improve product qualification rate. As well as the filtration of raw materials such as resins, filtration and recovery of solvents.

Recover precious metals, protect metal processing tools, and improve the precision level of metal processing. Remove the agglomerated impurities after the mixing reaction and improve product quality. Remove coagulation of gel paint, improve heat exchange efficiency, etc.







&x672C; In sugar production, intercept carbon ink and filter aid in sugar making to reduce operating costs. Applied to zeolite production, titanium dioxide production, melamine production, chlor-alkali industry production, epoxy resin production, etc., it can significantly reduce operating costs, protect key equipment, remove large particles, and improve the operation efficiency of magic. Improve the gloss and purity of epoxy resin, and make the coating film uniform.

Thereby improving product quality.&x5E97;




&x4FDD; It is used in the decolorization and decarbonization of diglyphosate and glyphosate, which reduces the operating procedures and speeds up the production process. Applied to the filtration of circulating water in the glass and ceramic industries, it can greatly reduce operating costs and energy consumption, and avoid fluctuations in product quality.

In activated carbon filtration, decolorization and effective adsorption of toxic and harmful substances are realized, and the recovered solvent is filtered, thereby greatly improving the quality of the product, with unparalleled advantages. During the recovery of polysilicon powder and the filtration of waste acid (hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid), the normal operation of key equipment is protected, and the cost of operation and treatment is reduced.&x62A4;




‚ In flue gas desulfurization filtration, glass erosion filtration, and various fine chemical processes, it can realize filtration and recovery of solvents, screening of large particles, improvement of product quality and efficiency of heat exchange.

Separation of decolorization and activated carbon from edible oil and security filtration before canning can protect the normal operation of key equipment, reduce production and labor costs, and improve the quality of finished products, such as product gloss, purity, and taste.ƒ






Oil field water injection, process circulating water, cooling water filtration, lubricating oil, jet fuel and other oil products, recovery of catalysts, filtration of catalytic oil slurry, interception of carbon ink and filter aids, separation of polymers separated from extraction, reducing operating costs and Energy consumption, stable product quality. In wastewater treatment applications, sand, algae and other silt deposits in raw water are filtered, iron and steel industry, air-conditioning systems, compressor circulating cooling water, chilled water filtration, scale or calcification in water pipes are removed, filtration, and pre-filtration of membrane purification liquid Intercept ion exchange resin, remove polluting particles, realize energy saving and emission reduction, and reduce waste water treatment cost.

In addition to innovative product solutions, Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery will provide customers with various professional services:

Process Guidance and Process Advice

Test your product in our pilot plant in a tailor-made process, including scaling up the product

rental machine

Planning, integrating and piloting products

Complete system design and integrate overall equipment

Field service and maintenance systems

Field upgrades and improvements to filtration and drying systems


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