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In order to bring customers a better experience, ZhangHua employees rushed to work on multiple crystallizers overnight, with both efficiency and quality!

The main advantages of SR-high-efficiency scraping-wall hollow plate cooling crystallizer

Since a large number of hollow cooling plates are combined and arranged in a horizontal long-trough container, its cooling area is generally 15 to 20 times that of a kettle-type or horizontal crystallizer with the same volume, and the cooling area is very large;

There are cooling surfaces not far from all the space intervals in the crystallizer, there is no cooling dead angle, and the crystallization of materials is very uniform;

All the surfaces are equipped with wall-clearing stirring and propulsive scrapers, which greatly improves the cooling efficiency of the material during the crystallization process and realizes real rapid cooling and crystallization, so that one crystallizer can replace more than a dozen or even dozens of kettle-type crystallizers ;

Realize real continuous crystallization, because there is always the effect of scraping and clearing the wall in any process of crystallization, the heat transfer coefficient and cooling efficiency of the crystallizer can always remain unchanged, which is impossible for other crystallizers;

Can also be used for rapid batch crystallization;

Closed operation can be realized, especially suitable for cooling and crystallization of flammable, explosive, toxic materials or delicious food, medicine, etc.;

All cooling discs can be divided into multiple groups to feed cooling media of different temperatures, which is very convenient to save energy and meet the needs of different crystallization temperatures;

The stirring device and the stirring scraper are frequency-controlled, and any stirring speed can be set to meet the requirements of the crystallization process;

Structure and working principle of SR-high-efficiency scraping-wall hollow plate cooling crystallizer

The high-efficiency scraping-wall hollow plate cooling crystallizer is much more efficient than the above-mentioned crystallizer and kettle-type crystallizer.

Generally, during the crystallization process, crystals are still precipitated on the surface of the inner cooling part of the rotating moving part. Once crystals are formed on the cooling surface, even if it is thin, it will affect the cooling effect. For the occasion of intermittent operation, this phenomenon is not very prominent, because this layer of crystals will be dissolved when the next batch of hot crystallization material is added, but for the case of continuous crystallization, the above situation will be very prominent, because cooling The crystals on the surface will accumulate thicker and cannot be removed, seriously affecting the cooling effect.

In order to solve the above problems, after years of hard work, we have designed and developed SR-high-efficiency scraping-type hollow plate cooling continuous crystallizer and SR-high-efficiency scraping-type hollow plate cooling batch crystallizer.

The successful research and development of this crystallizer can be said to be a major breakthrough in my country's crystallization technology, because this crystallizer can clean the cooling surface during any process of crystallization, so that the cooling surface is always clean, thereby greatly improving The cooling and heat transfer effect makes one crystallizer replace dozens or even dozens of kettle crystallizers.


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