Agitated pressure filter and vacuum dryer for solid-liquid separation


Agitated filter press dryer is a high-quality equipment designed for solid-liquid separation process in pharmaceutical, chemical, fine chemical and food industries, through pressure and vacuum drying for filtration.

In filtration applications, some products are more desirable to be handled in a hermetically sealed manner during their manufacture due to their particular hazardous or toxic properties, or simply to prevent cross-contamination. Wuxi ZhangHua agitated filter press dryers have been specifically designed to meet these needs, ensuring a pure substance free from contaminating elements.

Wuxi ZhangHua Agitated Filter Press Dryer is designed according to GMP and EHEDG standards, suitable for all types of pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications. Our machines are effective in aseptic applications, and we have special designs for installation in clean rooms.

Advantages of Stirring Filter Press Dryer

Sealed production.

No product is wasted and the risk of contamination is eliminated.

Use the same equipment for several operations: reaction/suspension, filtration, redissolution, washing and/or drying.

Obtain high purity and homogeneous products independent of particle size.

Reduce space and installation costs.

Fully automatic and semi-automatic processes.

Low energy consumption.

Reduce time spent cleaning, maintaining and changing filter elements.

Features of Stirring Filter Press Dryer

The filter area is from 0.07 to 15 square meters.
Operating capacities from 19L to 15.000L.

Do it in batches.
Absolute vacuum design – vacuum and ultra vacuum drying.
Designed according to cGMP and EHEDG recommendations.

Heating/cooling of the main body and/or the stirrer.
Working pressure 3 bar (g)
Operating temperature up to 200oC.
Designed according to ASME VIII div.1 – AD-2000 – EN-13445.

Easy to replace filter cloth.
Filter fabric, synthetic fibres, metal, multilayer (sintered) or ceramic.
The bottom filter has an automatic lifting function.

Bottom sealing system SUPERCLAMP.
Cake washing system.
The filter cake is unloaded through the side valve.

Typical application of agitated filter press dryer

Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: Antibiotics, APIs, Biotechnology, Colorants, Crystals, Essences and Fragrances, Natural Extracts, Peptides, Pharmaceutical Synthesis, Vitamins.
Chemistry: additives, catalysts, colorants, metal powders, minerals, pigments, polymers.
Food: additives, animal extracts, colorants, flavors, natural extracts, vitamin supplements.


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