The three-in-one lithium battery electrolyte filtration, washing and drying has been highly praised by the new energy industry


The lithium battery electrolyte filter, washing and drying three-in-one ordered by a company in Henan has been sent out this morning and will enter the debugging stage after waiting for the arrival. This project is a new type of lithium battery electrolyte additive - bisfluorosulfonimide lithium refining and purification project. Our company provides technical guidance, cooperation, training and other services related to the equipment.

Lithium bisfluorosulfonyl imide (LiFSI) is easy to decompose under heat or high temperature conditions in the presence of water, and if other metal ions are introduced during the production process, it will have a negative impact on the performance of LiFSI. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of the electrolyte Requirements for use, LiFSI has strict restrictions on indicators such as moisture and metal ions.

Since there is no effective purification method to remove impurities in LiFSI, the introduction of water, acid and other metal ions can only be avoided by adopting a suitable production process. Due to the disadvantages of many side reactions, low yield, high energy consumption and high cost, the traditional LiFSI synthesis process is not conducive to the large-scale commercial production of LiFSI. At this stage, there are very few manufacturers at home and abroad that have truly realized industrialized production. Only companies such as Nippon Shokubai, Korea Tianbao, and Kangpeng Technology can achieve stable mass production.

As domestic companies increase investment in research and development, they continue to work hard to improve the LiFSI production process, and finally successfully solved the existing technical problems in the LiFSI production route and achieved a breakthrough in industrialization technology. Wuxi ZhangHua's new lithium battery electrolyte filtration, washing and drying three-in-one, adopts nitrogen pressure filtration and pulse vacuum low-temperature drying process, effectively solves the main problems existing in the removal of solvents and impurities in the production process of lithium battery electrolyte additives, and is a new The material industry provides a special device for purification and drying with high efficiency, safety and continuous production. The equipment has the characteristics of simple operation process, low operating cost and high product purity, which provides a strong technical support for the industrial production of LiFSI.

Since the establishment of the company, Wuxi ZhangHua has stepped into the lithium battery new energy industry with a forward-looking vision. After years of technology accumulation, the special dryer for new materials has been successfully applied to the drying of the following lithium battery materials: lithium hexafluorophosphate LiPF6, difluorophosphoric acid Lithium, lithium difluorooxalate borate LiODFB, lithium bisoxalate borate, lithium bisfluorosulfonyl imide LiFSI, bisfluorosulfonyl imide salt, etc. Our company focuses on the design and manufacture of new material refining and purification equipment. The company's professional technology, mature production technology, and unique and personalized design solutions are well received by customers and highly recommended.


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