Liquid low temperature vacuum dryer manufacturers explain how to distinguish between drying equipment and drying equipment


With the acceleration of economic globalization, the application of drying equipment industry is becoming more and more extensive. When we want to dehydrate and dry a product, we all think of a dryer or a dryer, but because there is so much information about this type of product, we often confuse drying equipment with drying equipment. How to distinguish between drying equipment and drying equipment. Today, we have summarized and sorted out some differences between drying equipment and drying equipment for you.

Drying equipment can generally be understood as equipment that can dry products. It focuses on the result of "drying", not on the process of rushing, such as a microwave dryer, which emphasizes the result of drying with microwaves rather than the process, so drying In a broad sense, equipment can be understood as any equipment that can "dry" products, including "low-temperature drying equipment", "high-temperature drying equipment", "air-drying equipment", "air-drying equipment", and "freeze-drying equipment", in any case , any method that can dry products can be called drying equipment.
And what about drying equipment? It emphasizes "drying", which is a drying method or process, that is, to put the product in a certain temperature environment, let it accept the temperature of "drying", and get the drying result. For example, microwave drying equipment emphasizes the use of microwaves to generate temperature to provide temperature for drying products, and it emphasizes the "drying" process.

Therefore, drying is a drying method, and drying equipment is just an annoying type of drying equipment. It is just a kind of equipment that uses drying methods to dry in drying equipment. It can be said that the drying equipment includes the drying equipment, and the drying equipment is only a common drying equipment among many drying equipment, and they are in the relationship of inclusion and subordination.
It is understood that in the international market competition, the main competitors of my country's drying equipment manufacturers are Denmark, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and Japan.

Compared with competitors, although the price of drying equipment in my country is low, there are obvious gaps in the degree of automation control, appearance design, complete set and functional combination of products.
Although my country's drying enterprises have formed many distinctive products, such as spray dryers, internal heating fluidized bed dryers, flash dryers, etc., there are not many original innovative products, and they are not good enough in terms of processing quality, environmental protection requirements, and human nature. There is still a gap in design. Therefore, in the face of more advanced technology, higher-end products and fiercer competition, our enterprises must improve product quality, shape brand image, optimize industrial structure and improve development level by practicing internal motivation and strengthening independent innovation.


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