The three-in-one cylinder-cone filter, washing and drying is of great significance to the production of NCM811 high-nickel ternary material


The industrialization of high-nickel ternary power batteries is gradually expanding to NCM811 and NCA. 1) From the perspective of material strategy and cost, high-nickel ternary materials reduce the cost of raw materials due to the reduction of cobalt content. For end-user OEM customers, the cost per KWh battery corresponding to NCM811 is the lowest. Moreover, nickel resources are widely distributed and the price is stable, which is in line with the direction of large-scale industrialization in the future; 2) At present, the industrialization of NCM622 in my country is relatively mature, and it is widely used in downstream new energy vehicles.

NCM811 has started the prelude to industrialization and is gradually applied to new models

The production of high-nickel ternary materials has special requirements for crushing, drying, transportation and other equipment. For example, the manufacture of high-nickel ternary batteries is sensitive to moisture. In the production of precursors, the drying operation determines the moisture content of the finished precursor and has a certain impact on the crystal structure. Whether the drying equipment can be selected correctly is directly related to the quality of the product. Quality, operating environment and production costs. Therefore, as a cathode material enterprise, it is extremely important to choose the correct production equipment for the production of high-nickel ternary materials.

Therefore, Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd. has carried out a lot of design and development work, and finally successfully developed a multifunctional cylinder-cone reaction filter dryer integrating filtration, washing and drying, and successfully applied for a patent (patent number: ZL201721560677.6.) , to achieve a major improvement in the technical performance of the equipment, from structural design to application, closely follow the corresponding regulations of various industries. The equipment has three main functions of filtration, washing and drying, and also has many functions such as reaction, extraction, crystallization, concentration, evaporation, mixing and crushing. It belongs to high-tech equipment and has the following advantages:

1. One machine is multi-purpose, and can complete various operations such as reaction, extraction, filtration, repeated filtration, washing, and drying in one machine, and the finished product can be obtained directly.
2. Airtight operation, especially suitable for handling flammable, explosive, poisonous or highly toxic dangerous products and delicious food, biological products and medicines that are not allowed to be polluted.

3. The cylinder jacket, cone jacket, hollow shaft, and hollow spiral belt heat or cool the material at the same time, with high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.
4. The special stirring screw design can make the material be stirred evenly in each stage of reaction, filtration, washing and drying, so that the working efficiency of the whole machine is very high.
5. In the filtration stage, due to the good adhesion and scraping effect of the ribbon and the filter medium, the material can be filtered under the condition of a thin layer of filter cake, and the filtration efficiency is high.

6. Simplify and shorten the technological process, occupy a small area, and greatly save the investment in workshops and equipment.
7. The operation is convenient, the labor intensity is low, and the processed products are of good quality.

NCM811 new patented equipment for the production of high-nickel ternary materials, barrel-cone filter, washing and drying three-in-one working principle

The new filter washing and drying machine has a barrel-cone structure. There are heating jackets on the cylinder body and the lower cone body to heat or cool the materials. There are hollow shafts and variable-angle variable-lead hollow shafts inside the multi-function machine. The spiral stirring device stirs, stirs and lifts the material, and pushes out the material when discharging.

A conical filtering device with a relatively complex structure is installed in the lower cone, and a specially designed non-dead angle quick-opening discharge device or a non-dead angle pneumatic discharge ball valve is installed at the bottom of the equipment.
In the reaction stage, the reaction materials are added from the top, and the unique stirring structure can make the materials be stirred evenly in the machine, and the materials are heated or cooled simultaneously through the cylinder jacket, cone jacket, hollow shaft, and hollow spiral blade. Make the material fully react in the machine. In the filtration stage, the machine can filter and dry the material in the machine by pressurizing or vacuuming, and add washing liquid, so that the material can be automatically repulped and washed several times in the machine, and then pressed dry after meeting the washing requirements.

In the drying stage, the cylinder jacket, cone jacket, hollow shaft, and hollow ribbon heat the material at the same time and vacuumize the top, vacuum-tight and low-temperature drying of the material, and automatically seal and discharge the material after drying.
NCM811 new patented equipment for the production of high-nickel ternary materials, barrel-cone filter, washing and drying three-in-one process flow

1. Stirring reaction: This machine is a barrel-cone structure, which can heat or cool the material in the machine for constant temperature and timing reaction;
2. Pressure filtration or vacuum filtration: After the reaction is completed, filter the filtrate through pressure filtration or vacuum suction filtration. In the filtration stage, due to the good adhesion between the ribbon and the filter medium and the scraping effect, the material can be kept in the thin layer of filter cake Filtration under the best conditions, high filtration efficiency;
3. Can be washed and filtered multiple times: After filtering and drying the material, you can add washing liquid, and perform multiple automatic reactions and mixing with the material in the machine before washing, and then filter and dry after washing and filtering meet the washing requirements.
4. Vacuum drying and discharging: After the material is filtered and dried, the material is heated at the same time in the jacket of the drying section, the hollow shaft and the spiral belt, and the vacuum is vacuumed at the top to dry the material in vacuum and low temperature, and it is automatically sealed after drying. Discharge.

The market prospect of ternary cathode materials is broad, and the proportion of high-nickel products will increase. In 2019, the market size of NCM ternary cathode materials in my country is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33%. It is estimated that by 2023, the NCM ternary cathode material market will reach 80 billion yuan, and the CAGR in 2019-2020 will be 27%.

It is estimated that by 2023, the market share of NCM811 and NCA will reach 30% and 13%, and the corresponding cathode material market space will be 24 billion yuan and 10.4 billion yuan. ZhangHua Machinery carefully studies all the details and listens to your opinions. For many situations, we've come up with the best solutions.

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