Brief introduction of vacuum dryer manufacturers Brief introduction of vacuum low temperature dryer


The automatic vacuum low-temperature continuous dryer is a new concept of energy-saving drying equipment. In the drying of products in traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, chemical industry, food, health care products and other industries, spray drying is beneficial to cost, but there are big defects in the solubility, original flavor and powder shape of the product, which is suitable for those with slightly higher viscosity and heat sensitivity requirements. The product is even more powerless. Conventional freeze-drying can obtain product solubility and high-quality products, but the output is too low and the cost is expensive.

The technical indicators of the MJ series automatic vacuum low-temperature continuous dryer are exactly between the above two equipments. It can make the inside of the dried product porous and loose, retain the original material properties of the product, and have a good appearance. Because it is vacuum low-temperature drying , so it can meet the processing requirements of most heat-sensitive materials.

MJ series automatic vacuum low-temperature continuous dryer breaks through the technical problem of continuous material feeding and discharging under vacuum state, and successfully transforms static drying into dynamic drying. While greatly increasing the output of dry products, the production cost is reduced.

MJ series automatic vacuum low-temperature continuous dryer is especially suitable for spray drying and drying of high-viscosity, high-fat and high-sugar materials that are difficult to solve in a vacuum oven. And it can well maintain the stability and consistency of product batches.


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