Process Improvement of Refined Aseptic Filtration Washing and Drying Machine


(1) The aseptic grade filter washing and drying machine produced by Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd. is designed and assembled in strict accordance with the requirements of the national GMP and the US FDA. It fully meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical production process, and the system is stable and reliable.
(2) Equipment materials are strictly controlled. The parts in direct contact with the material are made of non-toxic, corrosion-resistant SUS316L material, PTFE or EPDM sealing material. The filter uses SUS316L metal sintered mesh to avoid fiber generation;
(3) The inner surface of the equipment in direct contact with the material is flat, smooth, free of dead angles, and easy to clean and disinfect;
(4) The equipment does not pollute the environment outside the device, and measures such as dustproof, leakproof, heat insulation, and noise prevention are properly taken.

Fully enclosed working state, the motor, reducer, and lifting device are protected by stainless steel covers, and the return channel of the jacket is insulated with thermal insulation felt, which greatly reduces heat loss and the impact on the outside world;
(5) Explosion-proof electrical appliances are strictly used, and there are pulleys for eliminating static electricity and other safety interlocking functions and safety devices.
(6) All pipelines for materials, solvents, nitrogen, etc. are designed without dead ends and blind pipes. The surface of the equipment is mechanically and automatically finely polished or spot-polished. The inner surface of the equipment is Ra≤0.4 and the outer surface Ra≤0.8;
(7) The stirring shaft and the side discharge valve stem are protected by metal bellows;
(8) Removable rotating cleaning spray ball for online cleaning;
(9) Dry-process double-end mechanical seal, nitrogen protection and cooling, and online leak detection.
(10) The dust collector can be CIP, and the rotary joint can be leak detected online.


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