How does a vacuum dryer work properly at low temperatures


How does a vacuum dryer work properly at low temperatures
Performance characteristics of vacuum dryer:
◎The boiling point of the material solution decreases under vacuum. Increase the heat transfer driving force of the evaporator. Therefore, the heat transfer area of ​​the evaporator can be saved for a certain amount of heat transfer.
◎The heat source of evaporation operation can be low-pressure steam or waste heat steam.
◎The evaporator has less heat loss.

◎Sterilization treatment can be carried out before drying, and no impurity is polluted during the drying process, which meets the requirements of GMP.
◎It is a static vacuum dryer. Therefore, the shape of the dry material will not be damaged.
With the diverse needs of equipment, we have been devoting ourselves to designing and manufacturing various vacuum drying ovens suitable for customer-specific applications. These vacuum drying ovens are used for rapid drying at low temperatures, including drying deep holes in a way that does not damage products, In these vacuum drying ovens, the dried material is exposed to a vacuum, thus lowering the boiling point and causing water to evaporate even at low temperatures.

In a drying process using convection, the vapor pressure of the discharged liquid at a specific temperature or pressure is critical. Drying is not possible if the vapor pressure is equal to or less than the liquid content of the atmosphere. If the vapor pressure is greater than the liquid content of the atmosphere, the speed of the drying process depends on gas exchange (convective surfaces, air flow).

Because the vapor pressure generally increases at higher temperatures, thereby promoting drying, the drying process of the product to be treated is designed using the parameters required for the type of liquid to be discharged. It is suitable for low-temperature drying of heat-sensitive materials that are easy to decompose, polymerize and deteriorate at high temperatures; it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industries.


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