How to ensure the stability of crystallization equipment in operation


Crystallization technology has developed rapidly in recent years, mainly including reaction crystallization, vacuum crystallization, solvent-free crystallization, high-pressure crystallization, membrane crystallization, extraction crystallization, distillation-crystallization coupling, supercritical fluid (SCF) crystallization, sublimation crystallization and other crystallization technologies. The research direction of crystallization theory and technology in the future will mainly focus on the following aspects: 1) Modern supramolecular chemistry and condensed matter physics are the basis for the further development of computational molecular crystallography; 2) Apply modern testing technology to further reveal the mechanism of industrial crystallization and particle processes, and accelerate the transformation of models from art to science; 3) New crystallization technology and equipment continue to develop, and coupled crystallization technology will be one of the main development directions; 4) Computational fluid dynamics has entered into the design and optimization of industrial crystallization process; 5) Research on the design of functional crystalline molecules and supramolecules. Of course, the development of new technologies and equipment for solution crystallization, the study of computer-aided control optimization procedures, and the realization of the optimal design of crystal particle size distribution are also the future development direction.

During the use of crystallization equipment, in order to ensure the stability of the equipment, installation is an extremely important step. The correct installation method has a very important impact on the normal operation of the equipment in the later stage. Next, the editor will briefly introduce it to you. Points to note when installing crystallization equipment. 1. After the electromagnetic stirring device of the online crystallization equipment is installed, hoist the crystallization equipment on the vibration device. The connection between the vibration device and the cooling water of the crystallization equipment is usually connected automatically. The installation of the crystallization equipment is determined according to the positioning pin on the vibration device Position, use the arc alignment device to align the arc so that the arc of the copper tube of the crystallization equipment coincides with the basic arc radius of the continuous casting machine. If it exceeds the allowable range of error, the crystallizer needs to be adjusted accordingly. After the adjustment is completed, lock it with a fixing device. 2. When the crystallization equipment is offline, equipment maintenance, copper pipe inspection, pressure test, arc alignment, nozzle inspection and other work have been completed and meet the online requirements. On this premise, the crystallizer is lifted to the pouring platform for crystallizer installation.

3. If the crystallization equipment has a built-in electromagnetic stirrer, it needs to be tested offline. If the crystallization equipment is equipped with an external electromagnetic stirrer, when installing the crystallizer, the electromagnetic stirrer must first be placed on the online stirrer installation bracket. Continuous casting machine suppliers have different design concepts, and the installation position of the agitator is different. 4. Connect the cooling water of the crystallization equipment online to check whether the crystallizer and the water plate of the vibration device are sealed and whether there is water leakage, start the vibration device, and observe whether the crystallizer is not locked or deflected.5. After the inspection, cover the crystallizer cover to complete the installation work.

Start the secondary water system and check whether the cooling pipeline in the foot roll area is unobstructed.


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