How to check and maintain the electric heating reactor failure?


Maintenance and troubleshooting of electric heating reactors:
1. The electric heating reactor should be operated strictly according to the working pressure and working temperature marked on the product nameplate to avoid danger.
2. The electric heating reactor strictly abides by the regulations on cooling and oil filling in the product instruction manual, and does a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.
3. When using all the valves of the electric heating reactor, the valve stem (needle) should be slowly rotated, and the cover should be pressed tightly to achieve the sealing effect.

Do not use too much force when closing, so as not to damage the sealing surface.
4. The electrical control instruments of the electric heating reactor should be operated by special personnel, and overload protection facilities should be set up according to regulations.
Troubleshooting of electric heating reactor:
1. When leakage occurs at the sealing surface, retighten the screw, and regrind and polish the sealing surface.

2. Repair and replace the valve stem (needle) and valve port when leakage occurs at the valve.
3. The outer magnetic steel rotates, but the inner magnetic steel does not rotate. When the motor current decreases, notify the supplier to replace the inner magnetic steel.
4. If there is frictional noise in the magnetic coupling drive, contact the supplier to replace the bearings and bushings.


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