High-grade Insoluble Sulfur Extraction Process--Carbon Disulfide Filtration Washing and Drying Machine


High-grade Insoluble Sulfur Extraction Process--Carbon Disulfide Filtration Washing and Drying Machine Insoluble sulfur (IS) is a linear polymer polymeric sulfur insoluble in sulfur dioxide (CS2), which is a non-toxic polymer modified variety of ordinary sulfur. Insoluble sulfur is chemically inert and physically inert. It is not easy to migrate when used in rubber vulcanization, so it can increase the viscosity of vulcanized rubber, prevent frosting, reduce scorching and prolong the storage time of rubber materials. It is recognized as the best rubber vulcanizing agent. As a vulcanizing agent and a vulcanization accelerator, insoluble sulfur has been widely used in tire carcass rubber, buffer rubber, and the manufacture of tires, rubber hoses, cables, latex products, etc.

Disadvantage Analysis of Conventional Production Process of Insoluble Sulfur
The synthesis methods of insoluble sulfur mainly include gasification method, melting method, contact method and radiation method:
(1) The gasification method is to gasify sulfur at high temperature, introduce a solvent for quenching, and extract to obtain IS;
(2) The melting method only superheats the sulfur melt and does not need to gasify the sulfur to obtain IS;
(3) The contact method is to contact hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide in an acidic medium (or water) to obtain IS;
(4) The radiation method is to irradiate sulfur-containing polymers in acidic medium to obtain IS.
The contact method and the radiation method are limited by production conditions and costs, and are basically not used; although the gasification method and the melting method are widely used by enterprises, there are still some problems, such as the melting method, because the entire process of the melting method is as in If it is completed in one reactor, there is a problem of low product quality. If the entire process is completed by multiple reactors, there will be problems such as sulfur blockage in the connecting pipeline and environmental pollution; while the gasification method has high operating temperature and high energy consumption. , high cost, serious corrosion of equipment, and high labor protection requirements.

High-grade Insoluble Sulfur Extraction Process--Carbon Disulfide Filtration Washing and Drying Machine
(1) Fully enclosed washing process
The mixture of insoluble sulfur and ordinary sulfur enters the washing area from the previous process section, and carbon disulfide is added at the same time to mix with the incoming insoluble sulfur and ordinary sulfur. The ordinary sulfur will be dissolved by carbon disulfide, and the rest is insoluble sulfur insoluble in carbon disulfide;
(2) Fully enclosed filtration process
After the mixture of carbon disulfide dissolved in ordinary sulfur and insoluble sulfur enters the separation area, the carbon disulfide dissolved in ordinary sulfur is discharged from the pipeline recovery port, and the carbon disulfide is recovered to the carbon disulfide recovery tank. The precipitated crystalline sulfur can be recycled and reused; the insoluble sulfur enters the lower Pipeline drying area in the first process section;
(3) Fully enclosed drying process
There is still a certain amount of carbon disulfide in the insoluble sulfur after washing, and the carbon disulfide in it needs to be recovered by gasification, so it enters the drying area of ​​the pipeline, and is heated by a heating element to keep the temperature in the tube at about 46.5°C, so that the carbon disulfide in it is gasified and enters the cooling process. The device is recovered, and the insoluble sulfur can be discharged within the specified concentration after being tested by the carbon disulfide tester at the end of the drying zone.

High-grade insoluble sulfur extraction process--carbon disulfide filter washing and drying machine Technical advantages
(1) The process of producing insoluble sulfur from sulfur is relatively complicated, and the working conditions of each process are often different, some need to be heated up, and some need to be cooled down; In the fine chemical production post-processing process, multiple unit operations are concentrated in one equipment, which avoids material and environmental pollution caused by leakage of joints caused by large dispersion of equipment. The working conditions of each process are easy to meet and effective control is also easy. , the product quality can be guaranteed, and a stable insoluble sulfur product with high content and high thermal stability can be obtained.
(2) The continuous production process of insoluble sulfur can complete the whole process of continuous production from raw materials to products through pipelines according to material balance, which is suitable for industrialized mass production requirements.
(3) The whole process of the new insoluble sulfur continuous production process is carried out in a sealed pipeline, which will not cause any gaseous or dusty pollution to the surrounding environment, and also greatly improve the working conditions of the staff and the guarantee of safe production.

(4) Fully enclosed filtration, washing and drying three-in-one pair of recovery of CS2 and crystalline sulfur can realize the recycling of raw materials, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.
(5) The entire process can control the temperature, pressure, CS2 concentration, etc. of each section through sensors, automatic instruments, microprocessors and other control devices to ensure the process conditions of each part of the pipeline and realize the automatic and continuous production of insoluble sulfur.

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