Guide to Cone Spray Drying Units


The conical spray drying device is a commonly used drying equipment, which sprays liquid products into tiny particles, and then quickly dries them into powder under the action of hot air. The conical spray drying device has a wide range of applications, especially in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

The main feature of the conical spray drying device is that it adopts a conical drying chamber, and the drying gas flows through the drying chamber from bottom to top to form a rotating air flow.

At the nozzle, the liquid product is sprayed into tiny particles through a high-speed sprayer, and dried into powder with the action of hot wind, and then taken out of the drying chamber by the airflow. The conical spray drying device not only has fast drying speed, good drying effect and uniform powder particle size, but also is suitable for drying a variety of materials and protects the quality of materials.

In the pharmaceutical industry, conical spray drying equipment can be used to prepare pharmaceutical particles, granules, capsules and injections and other products.

In the field of chemical industry, the conical spray drying device can be used for drying pigments, dyes, synthetic resins, catalysts and other materials. In the food industry, the conical spray drying device can be used to dry milk powder, protein, starch, fruit juice powder and other products.

The following points need to be paid attention to in the use of the cone-shaped spray drying device: firstly, the selection of nozzles should be based on the properties of the product; secondly, the setting of drying parameters, such as temperature, spray speed, air volume, etc., should be based on The nature of the product and the production requirements should be reasonably set; the last is the maintenance of the equipment, such as regular cleaning, maintenance of equipment, etc., to prolong the service life of the equipment.

In short, the conical spray drying device is an efficient, precise and reliable drying equipment with a wide range of applications. It adopts the technology of conical drying chamber and swirling airflow, which can quickly and efficiently dry a variety of materials and protect the materials


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