The flash dryer plays a huge role in the milk industry production


The biggest reason why dairy products are so widely used in flash dryers is that milk is easy to store and transport. In the process of milk production, flash evaporation is one of the most important links in milk production. Only the drying process needs to evaporate Part of the moisture can also have a bactericidal effect. Generally speaking, the production process of the product determines the production equipment and control system of the product, but the application of advanced equipment and control system can also change the production process of the product. The application of the flash dryer in the milk production line is a typical example.
The milk produced by this method is an aseptic product, which can be directly packaged as a finished product without sterilization and other processes, so that the milk production process has been mechanized, continuous and large-scale, and the surface temperature of the material will not be too high to improve The quality of milk production is guaranteed, so the flash dryer has played a huge role in the production of milk industry.

However, flash drying is a process of high energy consumption, and because the product quality after flash evaporation is high, and the moisture content cannot fluctuate greatly, it is required to strictly control the drying temperature and other operating parameters. Therefore, the correct selection of the flash dryer and the Reasonable design of operation and control system is very important to ensure product quality, energy saving and consumption reduction.
To sum up, the flash dryer has not only made great achievements in dairy products after years of development, but also has excellent production principles of dairy products, so it is widely used.


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