Filtration and washing two-in-one can fully and efficiently stir the materials


The emergence of the two-in-one filter and washing equipment has filled the domestic gap of this type of product. The equipment integrates filtration, washing and other operations, and is especially suitable for slurries that are difficult to filter and flammable, explosive, toxic, volatile, and easily polluted. The processing of materials, and the equipment has good adaptability to a variety of materials, and has broad application prospects in the separation of many toxic, harmful and polluting materials.
The two-in-one filter and washing equipment has advantages in the following aspects:
1. The two-in-one filter and washing equipment is operated in a closed manner, especially suitable for handling flammable, explosive, poisonous or highly toxic dangerous products, as well as delicious food, biological products and medicines that are not allowed to be polluted.
2. The two-in-one filter and washing equipment is in the washing stage. Since this machine can repeatedly perform automatic stirring and repulping washing, the washing is convenient and the washing effect is good.

3. Filtration and washing two-in-one can complete various operations such as filtration, washing and drying in one machine, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes. 4. Due to the fully enclosed operation, there is no pollution to the materials, so the processed products are of high quality and the operating environment is excellent. 5. Since the jacket of the cylinder, the bottom of the filter plate or the hollow stirring shaft and the stirring paddle can heat and dry the material, the drying efficiency is high.

The material can also be dried with hot air, which greatly shortens the drying time. 6. The special mixing structure and the hydraulic lifting device can not only make the mixing device fully and efficiently mix the materials, but also save the mixing power. 7. From material feeding to product discharge, the whole process is completed in one machine, which greatly shortens the process flow and the number of equipment, thus greatly saving the investment in workshops and equipment, process pipes, valves, etc.

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