Three-in-one vacuum dryer equipment features


1. The integrated design simplifies the process, reduces the loss and improves the product yield.
2. Each sealing point is equipped with double seals, and the sealing material is silicone rubber or fluororubber.
3. The filter material is filter cloth, stainless steel wire mesh sintered or powder sintered plate, metal sintered plate.

4. The chassis is detachable, and the upper and lower flanges are clamped with quick-installed bolts to achieve a sealing effect. The chassis is disassembled with a cylinder or dropped to the ground, and pulled out to clean the filter plate.
5. The tank body can be turned forward and reverse, and the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1 and 10 rpm through the control of the frequency converter. The main rotation includes an automatic brake device.

6. Set cleaning in place, sampling in place and steam disinfection. Prevent product contamination and better meet GMP requirements.
7. Operate in a closed state, the product will not be damaged or leaked, and it is suitable for materials with strong irritating odor and toxicity.

8. Operate under vacuum, and have a high evaporation rate at low temperature, especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials and easily oxidized materials, and also suitable for materials containing solvents, and can recover solvents.
9. The equipment has compact structure, small footprint and easy operation.
10. The charging capacity is large, and the charging coefficient can reach 30% to 40%.


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