Common faults and maintenance of belt dryer during use


??Belt dryer is currently a more efficient and energy-saving dryer, but in actual operation there will be failures. What we do is to find out the cause of the failure and eliminate it, so that the belt dryer can maximize energy efficiency serve us. Therefore, when customers purchase a belt dryer, they should pay attention to the configuration of the dryer. The selection of the filter on the belt dryer should be compatible with the population channel and aperture of the dryer. Generally, the mesh diameter of the filter is selected to be dry Machine into the channel or 0.2 times the aperture is enough. What are the common faults of belt dryers in use? How to solve them? How to maintain them? Cowell professionals will introduce a few points to you:
1. Before starting the machine, check the triple parts of the air source, drain the water and ensure sufficient oil level.

2. Ensure that the dryer equipment is well grounded, and the temperature instrument on the equipment should pass the metrological verification.
3. Check and maintain the parts, such as adding lubricating oil to the bearing, adjusting the pulley, checking the electrical circuit, the rocker arm of the door, the connection of the pipeline, etc. and fixing them.
4. The failure of the raw material to catch fire may be due to the design problem of the dryer equipment, or the failure of the raw material to absorb and cause a fire in the dryer.

In addition, it may also be caused by human factors, such as forcibly heating a dryer that is too small to achieve the drying effect, causing a fire. At this time, it is best to replace and modify the dryer equipment, check whether the dryer is installed correctly, whether there is air leakage or increase the wind pressure, etc. To use the dryer properly, be careful about increasing the temperature of the dryer so as not to cause a fire.

5. There is a problem that raw materials cannot be dried at one time, which is mainly caused by too small a dryer or improper use of a dryer. In addition, errors in the wind pressure and flow calculation of the wind network will also lead to such failures. It is possible to replace or re-modify the drying equipment, or ask the manufacturer to recalculate the wind pressure, flow and other changes.

If it is caused by improper operation, the operator will strictly follow the instructions for correct operation.
6. Make sure that the fixing bolts of the machine base are not loose, the connection of the supporting spring is tight enough, and the control of the computer board, the wind wheel and the heat exchanger have good flexibility.
7. Keep the equipment clean, wipe the equipment every day, and clean the lint in the dust box to ensure ventilation.

Regularly open the back cover to clean the inside of the device.


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