Driving principle of single cone vacuum dryer


Single Cone Vacuum Dryer Mixers are all based on a trial and error system for rotating, self-supporting mixing screws. Attached only on the upper part of the swivel arm, it can be moved close to the inner side of the container wall, which can ensure the concentration of powder and other materials
The single cone vacuum dryer mixer adopts the tried and trusted system software, which is used to rotate and independently support the mixing extruder screw. Only connected at the upper end of the rotating arm, it can be moved close to the inner side of the container wall, which can ensure centralized and gentle stirring of powder and other raw materials, and produce stable bulk products.

The specific drive module includes a drive system and decentralized motors for the mixing arm and screw, installed on the top of the equipment and the center of the cover for easy maintenance. The replaceable system is a BOLZ-SUMMIX single-cone mixer And one of the standardized specifications and models of dryer equipment.
The modular construction of our hydraulic seals and bearing cartridges, as well as the robust construction of the drive and swing arms, keep reliability as high as possible and downtime minimized. This certified technology has been successfully applied to many installation system technologies.

Each design has its own unique characteristics, its own advantages and application range.


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