Different applications and characteristics of vacuum dryers


The vacuum dryer means that the boiling point of the material solvent is reduced in the empty state, so it is suitable for drying unstable or heat-sensitive materials; the vacuum dryer has good sealing, so it is also suitable for drying materials that need to recover solvents and contain strong irritation and toxic gases . The vacuum dryer has a series of advantages such as low drying temperature, relative lack of oxygen in the drying room, avoiding fat oxidation, pigment browning, etc. It is suitable for drying heat-sensitive food materials. In addition, the equipment cost and drying cost are relatively low. Vacuum drying It plays an important role in food drying. Combining vacuum dryer with microwave heating technology or other drying methods, many new vacuum drying devices have emerged, which endow vacuum drying with new connotation and vitality.

Vacuum microwave drying absorbs the advantages of both microwave heating and vacuum drying. It is a promising drying technology. It is recommended that my country speed up the research and development of vacuum microwave drying devices.

The rake dryer adopts a large-area interlayer heating method; the heat transfer surface is large; the thermal efficiency is high. The machine is set to stir; make the material form a continuous circulation state in the cylinder; further improve the uniformity of heating of the material.

The rake dryer is set to stir; thus, the slurry, paste, and pasty materials can be dried smoothly. The rake dryer is a new type of horizontal inter-vacuum drying equipment improved on the basis of the introduction of technology from the Shanghai Chemical Equipment Research Institute; the wet material is evaporated by conduction; the material on the hot surface is continuously removed by a scraper agitator; and in The movement in the container forms a circulating flow; after the water evaporates, it is drawn out by a vacuum pump. Application of rake dryer: medicine, food, chemical industry and other industries to dry the following materials, suitable for slurry, paste and powder materials.

Heat-sensitive materials that require low-temperature drying; materials that are easily oxidized, explosive, strongly irritating, and poisonous; materials that require recovery of organic solvents


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