Development of equipment for fine-drying package production line of API raw materials--inner heating spiral belt single-cone vacuum dryer


With the continuous improvement of my country's pharmaceutical technology in recent years, my country's API API products have made great progress, and are gradually becoming a major producer and supplier of APIs in the world. Especially in recent years, the production scale and sales volume of domestic APIs have increased. The magnitude is huge. The raw material drug production equipment and technology have also been developed and promoted to a certain extent, but there is a big gap compared with similar foreign advanced equipment and technology. In terms of domestic raw material drug production equipment and technology, there are also good and bad. At present, my country's API raw material The equipment of the pharmaceutical essence baking and packaging production line is far from meeting the increasing GMP and cGMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Drying is an important process in the production process of fine-baked packages of API raw materials, which has a great impact on the color grade, dissolution time and subsequent filling processes of the drug.

There are many types of equipment for drying materials in China, but when used in the production of sterile raw materials, most of the drying equipment often has the following problems:

(1) There are difficulties in discharging materials to varying degrees;

(2) When changing batches, the verification of cleaning and sterilization in place cannot be effectively ensured;

(3) During the feeding and unloading process, it often causes dust to fly and pollute the operating environment;

(4) The labor intensity of the operators is relatively high.

In view of the above problems, an internal heating ribbon single-cone vacuum dryer has been developed. The powder material is stirred in the conical container tank by the rotation of the spiral belt. Because the single-rotation ribbon is well matched with the inner wall of the conical shell, the powder can be dried While the material is being stirred, it is continuously lifted up along the shell wall, and then falls to the middle position at the upper part. When the powder material falls from the middle of the upper part to the bottom of the lower cone, it is stirred by the rotating stirring paddle and lifted up again, so that the cycle continues , to achieve uniform mixing of powder materials. Its features:

(1) The mixed motion direction is a compound motion of axial motion, radial motion and circumferential motion, and its mixing effect is good;

(2) After the mixing is completed, the material powder can be automatically discharged from the bottom valve by relying on the reversing of the ribbon stirring blade, the discharge is clean, and it can be airtightly transported to the lower operation process, and the labor intensity of the operators is low;

(3) The built-in cleaning and sterilization device can be used for cleaning and sterilization without disassembly between batches;

(4) The mixed charging coefficient is high, and the charging coefficient can reach 90%;

(5) It has good sealing performance and no dust pollution.

(6) The system is equipped with a dust collection device and online cleaning and online sterilization functions.


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