The all-in-one crystallization, filtration, washing and drying machine was successfully used in the post-treatment process of fine chemical production


The all-in-one crystallization, filtration, washing and drying machine was successfully used in the post-treatment process of fine chemical production

In the post-treatment process of raw materials, pesticides, explosives, dyes and other fine chemical production processes, there are often unit operations such as crystallization, filtration, multiple washing and filtration, and drying. These unit operations are usually performed by crystallization tanks, filter presses or centrifuges. Unit equipment such as filters, washing tanks, and dryers operate independently, and various unit equipment are connected into a large device with a long process. Materials are transported between equipment through pipelines or other methods. Each unit operation corresponds to the corresponding unit equipment, and the equipment is highly dispersed. , The leakage of the equipment connection will cause material and environmental pollution.

For suspensions with high solid content, solids often stick to the wall and cause pipeline blockage, which makes it difficult to carry out normal production. Manual operations are often required and the labor intensity is high. If open production is used, it is convenient to deal with the problem of pipeline blockage, but for fine chemicals such as raw materials, food, and biological products, due to the long exposure time and serious artificial pollution during the transfer process of materials, it does not meet the specifications. Combustible, explosive, poisonous or highly toxic materials pose potential safety hazards.

In addition, due to scattered equipment, the production process is not easy to control, and the degree of automation is low. If the sampling, testing, feeding, feeding, temperature, pressure, etc. are improperly controlled or manually operated, errors and pollution will often be caused, which will physically affect the chemical industry. product quality. With the in-depth development of certification work in raw material drug production plants, what kind of equipment should be used to complete the refining, crystallization, filtration, washing, and drying processes of drugs has become a problem that raw material drug manufacturers must first consider.

The all-in-one crystallization, filtration, washing and drying machine designed and developed by Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery integrates multiple unit operations in the post-treatment process of fine chemical production in one device, which can complete filtering, washing, drying, and solid unloading in a closed environment. The process avoids the loss and pollution of the product during the conversion process, and is easy to clean and sterilize. It is very suitable for the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and their intermediates, and small batches of special chemicals.

Crystallization Filtration Washing and Drying Machine Production Process
The raw materials in the crystallization tank or reaction condensation tank are moved in through the pipeline (multifunctional filter) and do not need to be transferred out of the container, but rely on the movement of gas (compressed air-vacuum) liquid (mother liquor-cleaning agent) in one In this equipment, crystal filtration, stirring, cleaning, dehydration, drying and discharge of materials (crystals) are completed under fully enclosed conditions. Its use process is as follows:
(1) Feed (reaction-crystallization): put in various materials from the feed valve on the upper part of the container. If the device is used for reaction or crystallization, the bottom of the filter plate should be filled with buffer solution in advance.

(2) Filtration-drying: pressure filtration or vacuum filtration can be used, and at the same time, the stirring blade in the container is lowered to the surface of the crystallization for crushing and filtration.
(3) Rinse the crystal (material): add the specified cleaning agent (liquid) from the cleaning ball on the upper part of the container and spray it on the surface of the crystal filter cake for suction filtration cleaning (also known as replacement cleaning).
(4) Stirring and cleaning: Put the cleaning solution (agent) into the cleaning agent feeding pipe and turn on the stirring clockwise to crush and loosen the crystal filter cake, making it mix with the cleaning solution in a paste or sludge state. The crystals were stirred and washed.

(5) Crush filtration and dehydration: Mechanically crush the surface of the crystallized object, start stirring and rotate counterclockwise, while crushing the surface of the crystal, smooth and repair the filter cake cracks caused by the filter press while continuing to pressurize filter.
(6) Drying, vacuum drying or heated air drying: open the vacuum valve to depressurize the container and open the jacket heating circulation system (cylinder-cone-stirring shaft-blade) to carry out vacuum drying at the temperature specified by the process. At that time, turn on the stirring, run clockwise to crush and loosen the filter cake to speed up drying or use hot air to dry the crystals with hot air.

(7) Material discharge and automatic unloading: According to the conditions specified in the production process (time-temperature-vacuum degree), after the material is dried and meets the quality standard, it is stirred clockwise to move the dried material to the discharge port through the paddle. Discharged automatically through the discharge valve.
(8) Cleaning in place and sterilization in place of the container: Cleaning in place and sterilization in place can be performed after unloading, and CIP and SIP can be performed in place in the container and the automatic unloading valve.

Crystallization Filtration Washing and Drying Machine Process Flow Chart

The operation process of the cylinder-cone crystallization, filtration, washing and drying multi-functional equipment is simple, the airtight intermediate transfer is less, the material replacement is convenient, the production efficiency is high, and the product quality is good.

The whole process from the feeding of the crystallization tank to the automatic discharge of the raw material from the bottom of the cone is completed in one set of equipment, which greatly reduces the total number of equipment in the raw material crystallization process, which not only reduces the investment cost, but also reduces the area of ​​the clean workshop. In addition, the cleaning and filtering of crystals can be repeated several times according to the production process, and the drying process can be carried out after reaching the standard. The new process uses a multi-functional filter device to reduce the material exposure time, and multiple operating procedures are carried out in a closed container to effectively prevent pollution, and it is easy to carry out in-situ cleaning and in-situ sterilization.


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