Continuous Vacuum Freeze Drying Equipment


Food is rich in raw materials, requiring large quantities of freeze-dried products. Therefore, freeze drying equipment was used for food earlier. In 1985, Atlas Company produced the Ju-800 continuous freeze-drying equipment in Denmark to produce freeze-dried coffee, with a daily production capacity of 13 tons. Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the equipment.

Figure 3 is a continuous freeze dryer produced in Germany.
The continuous vacuum freeze-drying equipment was developed by Shenyang Refrigeration Technology Research Institute in 2000. The vacuum chamber with rectangular structure, the isolation film between the in-out warehouse and the drying hopper, and the launching silo are all equipped with an automatic weighing system, which can determine the drying speed, water and degree of drying of freeze-dried food.

Two external devices work and catch water to achieve continuous ice melt and fisheries.

The gap between domestic and foreign sales of continuous freeze drying equipment. From 1985 to 1990, Atlas Denmark sold 18 continuous freeze-drying equipment in 5 years and purchased 1 unit. The inland provinces and cities have not introduced this equipment, and only 1 domestic equipment has not been sold.


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