Basic measures for error-free operation of low-energy aseptic spray drying units


The low-energy consumption aseptic spray dryer adopts the newly developed three-flow airflow sprayer, which has good gas-liquid contact and uniform atomization, which is conducive to aseptic operation. It has a simple structure and is easy to operate, avoiding the plunger of the hydraulic pump plunger of the pressure atomization system. Sealing and contact with ambient air, as well as the inconvenient sealing of the rotating shaft of the centrifugal atomizer and the possibility of sticking materials in the centrifugal disc, the entire drying process is carried out in purified hot air, avoiding the possibility of secondary pollution of materials, It fully guarantees the aseptic condition of the material in the drying process and meets the requirements of "GMP".
Prolonging the service life of the low-energy aseptic spray dryer requires good maintenance first, and the following aspects must be done:
First of all, we must start with cleaning. After all, the dryer is used to dry materials, and the materials they process are different. If the materials left in the equipment are not removed, the remaining materials will cause damage to the equipment, not to mention that it will affect the drying process. The smoothness of the material means that there are many corrosive and toxic materials in the material, which are enough to affect the normal use of the equipment and reduce its service life.

Secondly, lubrication is also an indispensable step in the maintenance of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer. As long as it is equipment, lubricating oil is indispensable. The bearing part of the low-energy aseptic spray drying unit needs to be lubricated frequently, otherwise, the increased friction will only damage the equipment itself.
Finally, the maintenance of the low-energy aseptic spray drying unit is not only protection, but also maintenance. It is necessary to regularly check the various parts of the equipment, check the tightness of the chain, the settings and parameters of vacuum gauges, presses, etc., only to ensure that each part All are foolproof, in order to ensure that the operation of the equipment is correct, it will not increase the burden on the equipment, shorten the service life of the equipment, and so on.

In order to better reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor intensity in the pharmaceutical process, according to foreign technical data, we have developed a "three-in-one" equipment for filtering, washing, and drying. The low energy consumption aseptic spray drying unit can complete the three processes of filtration, washing (suction filtration) and drying in a sealed container. The fluidized bed dryer can replace the filtration and drying equipment at the same time, and can realize the continuous operation of the whole process in a fully enclosed environment. Production, more suitable for the production of products with sterile requirements and toxic products.
In the filtration stage, the crystals are separated from the mother liquor, and the operation is carried out under pressurized vacuum conditions.

The S-type stirring paddle is used to level the filter cake and make the filter cake more smooth and compact, so that the solid-liquid separation effect is better. There is a special rotary spraying device in the container, so that the cleaning liquid is evenly distributed in the container, which can realize the cleaning of the inside of the container and the cleaning of the material. Through the rotation and lifting of the stirring blade, the filter cake and the cleaning liquid are mixed more evenly. The slurry suspension filter cake is fully washed. The filter cake after suction filtration is scraped layer by layer by the stirring paddle to heat the whole cylinder, chassis, and paddle blades to loosen the material, open the side discharge device, and automatically discharge the material from the discharge port on the side of the tank wall through the push of the paddle blades.

In order to reduce equipment investment and equipment procedures during the processing of drugs, the low-energy aseptic spray drying unit realizes five processes of crystallization, reaction, filtration, washing and drying.


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