Production line equipment for fine-baking API raw material medicine--Inner heating spiral belt single cone vacuum dryer Technical advantages


The single cone pulse mixing dryer is mainly composed of the following parts: conical tank, transmission mechanism, internal heating ribbon stirring device, pulse mixing device, sampling device and discharging device, electric control system, CIP and SIP devices, etc.

(1) The tank is designed with an aseptic and fully-sealed structure, and the internal structure is simple and free of dead angles. It is especially suitable for mixing and drying materials such as food, biological products, and pharmaceuticals that are flammable, explosive, toxic or highly toxic, and do not allow pollution or aseptic requirements. .

(2) The advanced single-cone ribbon stirring structure has a high filling rate of more than 70%, saving floor space and use costs.

(3) 45°conical tank body, smooth discharge without residue.

(4) High degree of automation, greatly reducing labor intensity and saving labor costs.

(5) The cone, head, spindle and stirring ribbon can be heated by hot water or steam, the heating area is large, the heating efficiency is high, and the working time is greatly saved.

(6) The design of the spiral belt adopts a double fulcrum positioning structure, and the radial swing is small, which ensures a smaller gap between the spiral belt and the barrel wall, and at the same time reduces the damage to the mechanical seal.

(7) The pulse mixing design uses high-pressure nitrogen to impact the materials and mix them quickly, making the mixing of materials faster and more uniform.

(8) Sterile special plunger type sampling valve, which can complete sampling in a closed vacuum state.

(9) Aseptic special discharge valve with nitrogen purge, gas floating sealing structure, simple structure and no dead angle, fully complying with the clean production requirements of GMP and FDA.


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