Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Cone Vacuum Dryer


In a double cone vacuum dryer material is dried by principle or by application of vacuum. When water boils at a lower temperature, the pressure is lowered by creating a vacuum. So the evaporation of water happens faster.

The structure of the vacuum drying equipment is composed of a cast iron heavy-jacketed vessel with a high-vacuum pressure stand with a steam pressure bracket standing in the jacket. It has enclosed the space and divided it into 20 hollow shelf sections, which are part of the sheathing. These racks are placed on the racks due to the large surface area provided by the racks and the metal pans of about 45 to 50 m² used to maintain the heat conduction provided by the material.

The oven door is locked tightly and an airtight seal is obtained by connecting the condenser to a vacuum pump.

Double cone vacuum dryer processing:

The pallets which are present in the dryer are used to dry the material which is placed on the shelves and the pressure is reduced to 30-60 KPS by a vacuum pump. The door is closed tightly, and the steam passes through the space of the jacket and bookshelf.

Heat transfer thus occurs by the mechanism of conduction. The water was removed from the material by vacuum evaporation at 25 - 30 @c. The water vapor is passed after the condenser and drying vacuum lines are disconnected and the material is collected from the tray.

Pharmaceutical application of double cone vacuum dryer:

Vacuum drying equipment can be used for drying heat-sensitive materials, dusty materials, hygroscopic materials, toxic substances can be dried in this vacuum dyeing machine. Materials that are subscribed to solvents are also dried by this vacuum drying equipment. Solvent material can be recovered through the condensation process.

This is required for drugs with porous end products. A friable dry extract can be obtained by this drying procedure.


1. The processed material is easy to dry due to the tray arrangement inside the dryer.

2. It is easy to use to switch to the next material.

3. Empty shelves they are electric heating can be used.

4. It provides a larger surface area.

So heat can take place throughout the main body of the machine and dry quickly.

5. Hot water can be provided throughout the dryer which helps in the drying process at the desired temperature.


1. The dryer is an intermittent process.

2. It has low efficiency.

3. It is more expensive.

4. Labor costs are too high for the operation of the dryer.

5. There is a danger of overheating due to steam generation.


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