Advantages of multifunctional drying unit


1. Good drying effect: Using the parameters simulated by the computer, after several cycles, the materials with different moisture content are mixed and dried several times, so the materials are dried evenly.

2. Energy saving: The whole set of equipment only needs 2 to 3 small motors or fans, so compared with other dryers of the same type, the number of motors is less and the installed capacity is smaller.

3. Low investment: simple and compact structure, low price, the price is only equivalent to 70% of other similar equipment.

4. Convenient operation: Combined structure, easy installation and disassembly, easy maintenance, light weight, can be manufactured into two types of fixed and mobile. The cycle speed can be adjusted to the required state through the plugboard and then fixed until a batch of materials is dried. The hot air temperature can also be adjusted and controlled stably. A thermometer and a material moisture sensor can be installed to check the current material moisture and hot air temperature at any time.

The multifunctional drying unit is based on the double-cone rotary vacuum drying unit. Combining the "three-in-one" of tank type filtration, washing and drying, and combining the advantages of the two, it is improved into a multifunctional unit with reaction, crystallization, concentration, filtration, washing, drying and crushing. The advantages of this unit are multiple functions, small footprint, low investment, simple operation, high efficiency, low labor intensity, high safety factor, long service life, and convenient installation.


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