The 10 cubic conical three-in-one equipment was sent to Shanghai pharmaceutical company on time


Although ZhangHua's production progress has been affected to some extent due to the epidemic recently, with the efforts of all ZhangHua employees, they have worked overtime to ensure production. In order to ensure that the equipment can arrive at the user's site on time and ensure the normal production of the customer without affecting the production progress, the logistics department, the production department, and the marketing department cooperate tacitly, work together, and work overtime, so that the delivery site is organized in an orderly manner. The 10 cubic conical three-in-one equipment was sent to a well-known pharmaceutical company in Shanghai on time.

Founded in 2005, the pharmaceutical company focuses on the R&D, production and sales of antineoplastic drug raw materials and preparations. Driven by research and development and innovation, the company has an anti-tumor drug industrialization platform and Shanghai's anti-tumor drug chemical drug engineering technology research center, and has a complete and independent cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic GMP production line. By establishing a high-standard quality management system, building a professional production system, and continuously improving customer-centric service capabilities, we will gain a foothold in the domestic market and expand into the international market, gradually becoming a pharmaceutical company with brand influence and core competitiveness in China.

The cone-shaped filter and washing three-in-one equipment produced by Wuxi ZhangHua has undergone five large-scale technical improvements, and innovative improvements have been made on key parts of the equipment such as the cylinder, cone, filter screen, and flange. Since its establishment 20 years ago, ZhangHua has been committed to undertaking refining and purification engineering projects of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and their intermediates, flammable, explosive and highly toxic special chemicals, and providing overall solutions for equipment design, manufacturing, sales and service. The advantages of the equipment in the purification of pharmaceutical intermediates: high product recovery, high purity, and high drying efficiency.


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